Solo Ads: Week 2


End of the second week (and a bit) of my solo ads venture. This week I’ve made a few changes and have learned a few lessons. Got scammed So, I saw an ad in one of the solo groups offering

Solo Ads: Week 1


So as per my re-introductory-where-the-hell-have-I-been post, I have invested some money in starting a solo ads profit stream. What are solo ads? To put it as simply as possible, a solo ad is where someone emails their list of subscribers

So… a lot of things have changed around here


So obviously I’ve had a lot going on in the past year. A lot of it has been depressing and quite honestly for a while I was on the edge of serious ill health. Although I’ve previously had jobs where

Why I’m Not Recommending Rapid Content Wizard…


There has been a lot of buzz in the last few days about the new software from Sean Donahoe, Rapid Content Wizard. Sean is an excellent marketer with top quality products and this one is no exception. Rapid Content Wizard

What’s going on with me right now


So I’m aware that I haven’t posted in just over a month, which obviously isn’t ideal. Unfortunately events have really conspired against me. About 3 days before I was due to start my new full time job (which I’d had

Amazon Affiliate Case Study 1 – Overall Strategy


(This case study owes a lot to Spencer over at Niche Pursuits. I’ll be following his methods for a lot of this series and hoping to replicate his success.) I decided I wanted to build a new Amazon site and

Tough Decisions


Firstly, just to follow up on the case study I started for Instant Offline Control: I didn’t get any responses from the websites that I approached, so I’ve not got anything else to show you guys. It’s entirely possible that

Instant Online Control case study – part 2


Here is part 2 of my Instant Online Control case study. I’ll have more for you tomorrow or Monday

Case Study: Instant Online Control


Seems like I haven’t blogged in ages… oh wait, that’s because I haven’t! Had lots on my plate the last few weeks. I just picked up a new product from Bob Stephans called Instant Online Control, and I figured I’d

5 Tips to Give Great Customer Service And Get Rave Reviews from your Customers


When you’re working in any job where you come into contact with customers, at some point you will have to handle customers who are challenging, difficult or just downright rude. And yet handling those interactions in a positive way can