So! I’ve been head down in the world of email marketing. In my last post I talked about trying a new product/group called Clicks Gone Wild. I did end up purchasing for $297. Unfortunately this program is deeply flawed and cannot deliver on its promises made at point of sale. And rather than fixing the problems, the program owners are more interested in blaming the customers for whatever’s gone wrong, […]

What’s up folks! Have you missed me? I’ve been beavering away still trying to crack the code on solo ads. Have had some setbacks: Gmail has updated their algorithm to be much stricter about what reaches your inbox and what doesn’t. A lot of my subscribers (more than half) use Gmail, and my emails are now not reaching them but getting trapped in the spam box or the promotions tab […]

Well, a LOT has happened over the past few weeks, including having some kind of horrible lurgey that knocked me out for a few days. Annoyingly, I probably picked this up in the doctor’s waiting room, where I was only visiting for a routine blood test! Typical… go in healthy, come out sick! Having got Sendy all set up and running on my own site with Amazon SES for delivery, […]

Hey hey! I’m still here on my journey to ka-ching with solo ads Didn’t update last weekend as I had my son visiting for the bank holiday. Self-Hosting So at the moment I’m relying on Sendy, which is a one-time cost of $59, along with Amazon SES, which is $1 per 10,000 emails. This is clearly way more cost-efficient that either GetResponse or aWeber. However, Sendy does not have the […]

So as discussed in week 3’s post, I have implemented Sendy as my front end solution on my own server, with Amazon SES as the back end. In simple terms… my emails now are sent via Amazon’s servers, for which I pay a fee based on how many emails per month I send. It’s $0.10 per 1000 emails, so if you have a list of 10,000 and email them once […]

Argh. It’s all gone wrong last week. I was going fine up until Tuesday, subs were coming in at a good rate and my opt in pages were split testing well to get my conversions to an average of about 60% and my cost per subscriber down to around 60c. I had some back end sales, and while I had a scammer to deal with (and still trying to get […]

End of the second week (and a bit) of my solo ads venture. This week I’ve made a few changes and have learned a few lessons. Got scammed So, I saw an ad in one of the solo groups offering “good first time buyer rates in exchange for testimonial”. In actual fact her rate was 40c per click, which is not that good and should have alerted me straight away […]

So as per my re-introductory-where-the-hell-have-I-been post, I have invested some money in starting a solo ads profit stream. What are solo ads? To put it as simply as possible, a solo ad is where someone emails their list of subscribers promoting your product or free offer. Your ad goes out on its own with no other advertising or information, hence, “solo”. What is the business model? The profit model of […]

So obviously I’ve had a lot going on in the past year. A lot of it has been depressing and quite honestly for a while I was on the edge of serious ill health. Although I’ve previously had jobs where I’d thought “There must be more to life than this” and “I’m sick of commuting” and “I want a more flexible life”, I really had no idea how bad things […]

There has been a lot of buzz in the last few days about the new software from Sean Donahoe, Rapid Content Wizard. Sean is an excellent marketer with top quality products and this one is no exception. Rapid Content Wizard is designed to be an all in one content solution which will automatically pull content relevant to your website, and post it for you. The software is solid, the interface […]

So I’m aware that I haven’t posted in just over a month, which obviously isn’t ideal. Unfortunately events have really conspired against me. About 3 days before I was due to start my new full time job (which I’d had to take due to finances heading south) my so-called fiancé called me from London and told me it was all over and he didn’t want to be in a relationship with me […]

(This case study owes a lot to Spencer over at Niche Pursuits. I’ll be following his methods for a lot of this series and hoping to replicate his success.) I decided I wanted to build a new Amazon site and I thought I’d share the process with my blog readers. I’ve been building Amazon affiliate sites for probably about 2 years and it can be a very good source of […]